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Know about the abs locker Malaysia

The ABS storage offers a shrewd and current capacity arrangement appropriate for different applications. The abs locker malaysia is adaptable to persevere through stickiness and dampness – settling on it is the best decision over the customary storage spaces. ABS storage types offered are secluded, customizable, and can be gathered to your favored plan courses of action.

Pick from our four unique sorts of ABS storage determinations in Malaysia:

  • ABS W-Series Lockers: Smallest size can pile up to 6 compartments and the greatest up to 2 compartments in level.
  • ABS T-Series Lockers: Smallest size can pile up to 10 compartments and the greatest up to 4 compartments in level.
  • ABS N-Series Lockers: These ABS plastic storage spaces are accessible in 5 unique sizes.
  • ABS M-Series Lockers: Available in 2 distinct models and sizes, the ABS M-Series Lockers in the littlest size can pile up to 9 compartments, and in bigger sizes, up to 5 compartments in level.
  • Advantages of the ABS Locker For Facilities in Malaysia
  • Worked on designing grade ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), these plastic storage spaces are famous in light of multiple factors.


The ABS storage series presented by us are areas of strength for solid will want to endure through critical mileage. They are likewise produced using plastic so they can be handily disinfected.


Offered in the scope of varieties and sizes, the ABS storage series can be effortlessly modified to meet the plan plans of your office.


 With various measuring aspects, expanded solidness, and numerous lock choices, our ABS storage spaces are planned ideal to suit the requests of various stockpiling needs and limits.

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