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Meal Delivery Services Used by Stars and Now Everyday People

You can’t eat the wrong foods if you have a chef preparing exactly the correct amount of calories and correct proportions everyday, can you? That’s why to lose and/or maintain weight many people, including time starved celebs, turn to meal delivery services (or just promote them).Nutrifit. Jessica Alba purportedly used this plan to drop her baby weight and Charlize Theron uses the meal plan to maintain her shape. The Southern California meal service consists of 1,600-1,800 calories a day that includes veggies, lean proteins, carbs, and healthy fats. Items such as omelets, salmon, smoothies, salads, and grilled chicken are served. Pricing starts at $25 a day for only dinner and $45 a day for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, soup or salad and desert! (So it certainly isn’t cheap).

Fresh Dining. This L.A. based diet services offers organic gourmet food for $54 per day and arrives by 6 am every morning. Janet Jackson credits this service for helping her lose the 60 plus pounds she lost several years ago and Jennifer Lopez recently admitted to using the service. Daily calories range from 1200-1400 calories for women and 1800-2000 calories for men. Potential items on the menu are: Mediterranean style pizza with side Greek salad, chocolate chip pancakes with chicken mango sausage & fresh strawberries, and fresh mozzarella with marinated artichokes & black olive vinaigrette. It sure sounds delicious! cek harga ongkir

The Zone Diet. Offered more widespread (even in Canada!) The Zone Diet delivery service follows the meal plan of the very popular book which consists of a distribution of 40% carbs, 30% protein, and 30% fats. Many stars including Jennifer Aniston use the meal service. Pricing starts at $40 per day (in New York City) and sample items include: crab stuffed sole with Italian style broccoli and Portobello mushroom couscous, fresh fruit with a “Zoned” apple walnut muffin, and grilled chicken and two tomato salad with green goddess dressing. You can choose service for 5, 6 or 7 days per week.

Jenny Craig. A cheaper alternative is the $11-$17 per day Jenny Craig plan which stresses low calorie foods in prepackaged meals. Anyone can use the service and there are even programs for teens and vegetarians available. The least amount of calories you will be consuming is 1200, but it depends on your present size and how much you have to lose. Valerie Bertinelli and Phylicia Rashad are both celebrity faces attached to the Jenny Craig program.

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