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Boost Your Intelligence With Mind-Boggling Puzzles

Do you believe that you are born intelligent? Many people believe that when it comes to our intellectual capabilities, all humans are equal. They say that the only difference is how a person develops his or her intelligence. And this is the reason why all of us have different IQ levels. When it comes to intelligence, various factors affect it – genetics, development, and the learning that a person goes through.

Boggling Puzzles

Intelligence Puzzles – What Are They?

If you are looking for puzzles to try, for sure that you have already heard of intelligence games. You may not know it, but no matter what type of puzzle you do, it is an intelligence game. That means that these games help exercise your brain which can improve your intelligence. Any problem-solving exercise, whether in disguise or not, are intelligence games.

How Intelligence Games Affect Your IQ

Now the next question is, how do these intelligence games affect your IQ and boost our intelligence? When it comes to intelligence, there are two types that you should know of – fluid intelligence and crystallized intelligence.

  • Fluid Intelligence. You can deal with new situations or solve new problems by using logic. Under this category, you can establish trends and also identify different patterns. If you have fluid intelligence, you can call yourself ‘street smart.’ And this means that you are the type of person who can easily navigate using a map or get yourself familiarized with roads or directions that you have used once or twice.
  • Crystallized Intelligence. This intelligence is the ability of a person to use the knowledge used from past experiences. What happens is that you acquire the knowledge, and when you apply this frequently, you become good at it. Then it will stabilize or crystalize in your mind. One good example is the learnings from school.

Different Types of Intelligence Games

By playing intelligence games, it can help you boost both of these intelligence types. So here are the different kinds of intelligence games that you can try:

  • These are considered as the most ‘logic-driven’ compared to the other games. And this means that you have to use your logical thinking to solve a problem. Most puzzles may seem like a kids’ game but they are doing great things to your brain. If you want something that can challenge your mind, do complex wooden 3D puzzles.
  • Memory Games. Memory is a huge part of your brainpower. There are specific games that can help boost your good example is matching games. It is where a couple of paired images are arranged in random order. You have to use your mind to match the correct pairs faster.

No matter what is right or wrong with the theories mentioned above, there is no doubt that you will everything you can to boost your intelligence. One way is to engage in mind-boggling puzzles and games, like the ones that you can buy from the website. These are intelligence games/puzzles that you would surely love.

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